multi EA ® 5000

ABD – automatic boat drive with cooled lock

The automatic boat feeder with cooled lock is designed for the automatic introduction of quartz boats with liquid and solid samples into the analyzer. The cooled lock also enables the analysis of very sensitive and reactive samples as well as of samples where soot is likely to form. Combustion can be controlled and monitored with an optional flame sensor to ensure optimal reaction.

MMS 5000 – multi matrix sampler

The sampler MMS 5000 is designed for the automatic introduction of liquid and solid samples for analysis with the multi EA ® 5000. It allows a high degree of automation in routine analysis. The sampler can be used for the vertical and the horizontal furnace mode. It can be complemented with diverse sample tablets including a heated one.

Auto injector

Automatic injector for the safe injection of liquid samples up to a volume of 100 µl. Large volumes of highly reactive samples can also be injected quickly and reliably directly into the combustion system of the analyzer multi EA ® 5000.

GSS – gas sampling system

The system is designed for the introduction of gaseous samples in an unpressurized condition into the element analyzer multi EA ® 5000. The sample has to be filled/expanded into a gas bag and is then dosed into the reactor of multi EA ® 5000. The standard version doses up to 100 mL of the gas sample at variable dosage speeds.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) module

Module for the direct dosing of pressurized liquefied gases (LPG). LPG samples are injected, precisely evaporated and dosed fully automatically with the aid of the LPG module – compliant with ASTM 6667.

GSS/LPG combination module

The combined module is used to dose liquefied and pressurized gases. Separate sample branches for LPG and gas samples effectively prevent contamination.

TOC module

The expansion of the multi EA ® 5000 with the TOC module enables the determination of the carbon content in aqueous samples by digestion with the aid of thermocatalytic high-temperature oxidation according to national and international standards. 


multi EA ® 4000

Solid autosampler FPG 48

Automatic sampler for the introduction of solid and pasty samples for elemental analysis and TOC and TC determination with the multi EA ® 4000. The samples are weighed in ceramic or quartz boats and automatically introduced into the combustion system. The speed of the sample introduction can be selected by the software which allows the analysis of very reactive samples.

TIC solids module

The TIC solids module complements the multi EA ® 4000 for direct determination of TIC in solids by acidification and purging of the produced carbon dioxide, which is then detected by the NDIR detector of the basic device. The TIC module makes it possible to determine TOC using the difference method (TC-TIC=TOC).