AOX/TOX Sample Preparation

AOX/TOX Sample Preparation more pictures


APU — flexible, fast and efficient

APU systems by Analytik Jena greatly minimize idle time and increase the throughput of AOX samples — the user remains flexible and cost-effective.

Unparalleled two-channel system doubles the speed of sample preparation

  • Two samples can be prepared simultaneously
  • Sample throughput is doubled
  • Can be uses for AOX accumulation using the SPE method without any manual intervention

APU 28 — the simple

  • Individual sample and wash volumes
  • The processing of the individual samples takes place in immediate succession
  • After the adsorption, the first samples are available for AOX analysis in a very short time

APU 28 S — the fast

  • Globally unparalleled two-channel system
  • Two samples can be quickly prepared at the same time
  • Doubles the speed of sample preparation in one cycle without intervention and in a very short time

APU 28 SPE — the versatile

  • Fully automatic sample preparation
  • Sample with high saline content? No problem!
  • Adsorption on the SPE columns, the elution, and the adsorption on the charcoal fully automatically, without any manual intervention
  • Not only for SPE, but also suitable for conventional AOX sample preparation

APU sim — the clever

  • Simply clever: fast sample preparation = fast results
  • Up to 6 samples simultaneously, using column method
  • Flexible, robust and intuitive to operate

AFU — automatic filtration unit (batch or column method)

  • Automatic filtration unit for semi-automated sample preparation of up to 3 samples with up to 180 mL volume simultaneously by batch method
  • An effective alternative to the classical membrane filtration
  • Usage of expensive Polycarbonate membrane filters is not necessary
  • Filtration directly into a frit container
  • Capable also for sample preparation according to column method