Mercury Analysis

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Fully automatic and reliable Hg ultra trace analysis

The mercur is a compact system specially optimized for the complete, cost-efficient determination of mercury traces.

It is available either in AFS or AAS configuration, and for maximum flexibility as a combined AFS and AAS configuration with software-controlled change of the detection technique. The device combines this highly sensitive detection technology with the cold vapor technique.

mercur offers

  • High, excellent detection limits
  • WinAAS® software for comprehensive data processing and quality control
  • Compliance with the most stringent statutory regulations

Various configurations available for the whole range of mercury analysis

  • mercur AA and mercur AA plus — mercury analyzer based on atomic absorption without or with enrichment
  • mercur and mercur plus — mercury analyzer based on atomic fluorescence without or with enrichment
  • mercur DUO and mercur DUO plus — tandem mercury analyzer based on atomic fluorescence and atomic absorption without or with enrichment

Main advantages

  • Highly automated — in combination with an autosampler and easy to operate, it meets all requirements from a modern routine analysis system
  • Time-controlled flow injection with or without autosampler
  • Unique FBR routine (Fast Baseline Return)
  • Bubble sensor — a specially optimized drying membrane
  • You choose between three enrichment modes: no enrichment, simple enrichment, and cascade enrichment (compliant to EPA 1631 requirements)
  • Automated, intelligent gas-liquid control, ensuring minimum reagent consumption and short measurement times
  • Clever dosage due to two separate pump systems – this ensures fast cleaning of the pump tubing, saves time and reduces the amount of reagents needed


The WinAAS® control and data analysis software provides optimum operation, for routine operation as well as for research. WinAAS® fulfills all requirements of modern routine and research laboratories, at highest operating convenience:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Integration of all accessories
  • Complete documentation and reporting, conforming to GLP
  • Quick and easy saving and loading of methods and parameter files
  • Convenient sample table with many actions to choose from
  • Automatic quality control for monitoring your analytical data
  • FBR feature (Fast Baseline Routine)

A method library comprising a number of different basic routine methods matching the various operating modes, facilitates the use of the mercur in everyday routine and permits method optimization in the case of more complex analyses.

A schematic action chart visualizes the simultaneous and sequential processes during a measurement cycle, so that you can follow the course of the analysis exactly.


AS-F and AS-FD — Autosamplers for flame mode, hydride techniques and atomic fluorescence

The autosamplers for the flame mode AS-F und AS-FD make your routine analyses of standards and samples almost fully automatic.


An expanding range of applications

Mercury analysis is employed in a wide range of fields. Due to the harmful influence on the human organism, mercury is a focus of close attention: In medical disciplines such as occupational medicine and dentistry, as well as in drinking water and food control. The mercur has been designed for dependable mercury analysis in all these fields. Teamed with the customer support provided by Analytik Jena, the instrument meets the statutory concentration limits.

Industry Applications
Environment Drinking water, fresh water, rain water, waste water, soil, etc.
Medicine Blood, urea, serum, saliva, etc.
Food Fish, beverages, cereal, etc.
Geology Rocks, ashes, minerals, etc.
Industry Quality inspections, paper, plastics, etc.
Research & Teaching Universities, research institutions, etc.

Application Notes

  • AFS_Hg_01_07_e
    .pdf | 119.46 kB

    Determination of Hg in Ore Samples

  • AFS_Hg_01_08_e
    .pdf | 113.65 kB

    Determination of Hg in Copper Zinc Catalysts (Recycling)


Brochure mercur (English)

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