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The PlasmaQuant® MS Elite delivers outstanding performance for applications, including leading-edge research, that benefit from industry-leading sensitivity and low background noise. With a next generation plasma system, ReflexION ion mirror and high-definition, true 3MHz quadrupole, the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite even exceeds the sensitivity specifications of high-priced magnetic sector-field ICP-MS instruments.

All about sensitivity
Not every PlasmaQuant® MS Elite needs a laser but every laser needs a PlasmaQuant® MS Elite. The Elite’s unmatched Gigahertz sensitivity is perfect for laser ablation applications as it allows the use of lower laser energy for the analysis of smaller spot-sizes and improved spatial resolution. It provides real advantages for applications in geochemistry, material sciences, and biological imaging. It’s also a great technique for single-particle analyses with the detection of nano-particles of less than 10 nm diameter now possible. The outstanding abundance sensitivity of the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite in combination with the extended range all-digital detector delivers excellent results for isotopic ratio determinations. Furthermore, the PlasmaQuant® MS series provides LC-ICP-MS capability. The dual entry ports into the torch compartment allow for easy and flexible setup of any HPLC system.

PlasmaQuant® MS Elite — your benefits:

  • ReflexION — patented 90° reflecting ion mirror
  • True 3MHz HD Quadrupole — for superior mass separation
  • ADD10 — all-digital detection over 10 orders linear dynamic range
  • Dual connection technology — two entrance ports to the plasma compartment


With the intuitive worksheet interface of Analytik Jena’s ASpect MS software, all analysis data, mass scan graphics, calibration data and data logs are available at the click of a button. Comprehensive quality control protocols ensure quality data for the entire analysis. Including aerosol dilution and new BOOST technology, Aspect MS software makes fast work of your most difficult samples.

ASpect MS features a range of automated options:

  • Setup and initialization routines
  • Plasma alignment
  • Mass calibration and resolution tests
  • AutoMax for easy method development

ASpect MS provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance support.


An autosampler allows the effective routine analysis.
Technical Note Accessories: Sample Introduction Accessories for the PlasmaQuant® MS


The PlasmaQuant® MS Elite delivers outstanding performance for applications, including leading-edge research, that benefit from industry-leading sensitivity and low background noise. It is perfect for laser ablation applications or liquid chromatography applications, single-particle analyses especially nano-particle analyses and isotopic ratio determinations.

Application Note ICP-MS As apple juice

Application Note ICP-MS Trace Metals Analysis in High Purity Gold

Application Note ICP-MS As in Rice

Application Note ICP-MS REE in geological materials

Elemental Mapping of Geological Minerals with PlasmaQuant® MS Elite and Applied Spectra’s J200 Tandem LA-LIBS

Achieving Ultra-Sensitive LA-ICP-MS Analysis with PlasmaQuant® MS Elite and the J200 LA Instrument: A Glass Sample Study

Elemental Mapping of Printed Ink Using the J200 Tandem LA-LIBS Instrument in Combination with the PlasmaQuant® MS Elite ICP-MS



Animation ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS series

The ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS provides superior performance which is achieved through the synergy of innovative technologies, from the next generation plasma system and dual-cone interface, to the ReflexION’s highly efficient, 3-dimensional focusing of ions into the high-definition quadrupole. They all work together to provide the world’s most sensitive ICP-MS.