Products for Analytical Instrumentation

Our premium products Made in Germany stand for highest standards of quality. We aim to provide the most comfortable and reliable instruments for diverse analytical tasks. The use of selected, certified components guarantees the absolute precision and outstanding analytical performance, the robustness and durability of Analytik Jena solutions.

Overview of Our Product Range


Sample Preparation

Mercury Analysis

AQUA 40.00

Macro-Elemental Analysis

Micro-Elemental Analysis

multi EA®4000

multi NC® pharma

multi N/C® UV HS

multi N/C® 3100

multi N/C®2100/2100 S

AOX/TOX Sample Preparation

multi X ® 2500


Direct Solid AAS



PlasmaQuant ® MS

PlasmaQuant ® MS Elite

PlasmaQuant ® PQ 9000 Elite

PlasmaQuant ® PQ 9000

ZEEnit 700 P

ZEEnit 650 P

novAA® 400 P

novAA ® 350

contrAA ® 800 D

contrAA ® 800 G

contrAA ® 800 F